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Steps to Excellent AdWords Performance and Increased Sales, Leads, or Branding

The first critical step to success with an AdWords campaign is for us to learn your business and marketing goals. We must be intimately familiar with the goods and services you offer and your competition.  We must know the “facts, advantages, and benefits” of your products in order to develop outstanding keyword lists and craft the most effective ads. These steps set the stage for a high quality score.

AdWords marketing goals are critical for measuring success.  These goals might consist of the number of clicks, impressions, sales of goods and services, information requests, newsletter signups, etc.  We insert code in your Web pages that track a visitor’s action, such as a “thank you page” resulting from a purchase or the “contact” page. We can track which AdWords keywords and ad clicks result in the most sales and help you calculate your return on investment. Most AdWords users discover that the responses to their ads far outweigh the cost of advertising.

We must be familiar with your current Web site to align the advertising goals.  Many times sites are developed with little consideration of performance on the search engines.  AdWords ads must link to well crafted optimized Web pages related to the keywords and products being promoted. Your promoted goods or services should be no more than one click from the landing page. We specialize in Web page optimization and can edit your pages for the best results. In some cases, it is necessary to build new Web pages that emphasize your goods and services and have the correct keywords.

Many times the best results come from building two or more campaigns for your promoted goods or services.  For example, you may sell fire alarms and burglar alarms or your services may include lawn care and snow removal.  In both of these examples, the search terms are different for each product and service.  A separate campaign allows you to select the best keywords and ads for each service. You can also use geographic targeting to reach your most important prospects.

If you are focused on product branding, then the Google Display Network is a good option.  The Display Network consists of thousands of sites that allow Google ads to be shown on their pages. We pick the Web sites most closely related to your goods or services.

The Display Network allows image and video advertisements.  A good video can increase the click through traffic to your Web Site. Cost to advertise on the Display Network is based upon thousands of impressions.  Once the ads run for a month the best sites can be selected and those producing few impressions, clicks, or conversions can be deleted.

WebInnovations.org believes in measuring the results of all ads and keywords to insure high Google placements at the lowest cost.  WebInnovations.org has the capability to track phone calls to your practice generated by each search term and Web page.

WebInnovations.org makes sure customers meet their marketing objectives and achieve the highest possible return on their AdWords campaigns at the lowest cost. Call today for more information and a free Web site evaluation.

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